Cyprus: A Gem in the Meditteranean Sea

Cyprus: A Gem in the Meditteranean Sea

Jacinthe Naturals is a skincare brand based on the sunny Meditteranean island of Cyprus. Having a lab that is located in the heart of this beautiful region allows us to work with fresh, local and organic herbs that we grow here on our mountainous farm.


The Mediterranean islands have been a source of natural beauty and healing for centuries. The unique climate (very hot and quite cold temperatures even within the same season) and rocky terrain of these islands promote hardy plants to grow that have shown in studies to offer powerful actives beneficial to the skin.


We are proud to be a Mediterranean skincare brand. We try to capture the bare beauty, vitality, potency, and purity of these botanicals in each and every bottle we make. 


Why use skincare made from the Meditteranean region? 


There are many benefits to using skincare products that are made with ingredients from the Mediterranean islands.


  • The ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality.
  • The ingredients have been used for centuries in traditional Mediterranean skincare practices.
  • The plants have adapted to the unique climate and geography of the Mediterranean region, many of them grow in extreme weather conditions (long draught, cold winters) that offer extremophilic extracts and are particularly beneficial to the skin. These benefits include: protection from environmental pollution, regeneration of skin cells and deep moisturization. 


What are some of the key ingredients in Jacinthe Naturals products?


  • Helichrysum Italicum: A potent regenerative plant that we cultivate on our plantation and use in most of our products in the form of a lipophilic, hydrophilic extract or dry plant matter. 
  • Lavandula Stoechas: We cultivate as well as source L.Stoechas in various forms and extracts. It has shown in studies to naturally relax facial muscles, earning it the name of ‘natural Botox’. 
  • Mastic drops: sourced from the superior Mastic trees on the island of Chios. This powerful extract regenerates skin and its antioxidant action reduces damage caused by free radicals. 
  • Wine elixir: sourced from Switzerland and its rarity makes it very special. It is produced from grapes that are left to partially ferment and freeze on the vine and their composition has illustrated to have a significantly higher concentration of polyphenols. Clinical studies have shown that this active offers instant lifting and hydration to the skin. 
  • Glacier extremophilic microorganisms:  sourced from the Swiss Alps this extremophilic active has shown in studies to refresh a tired looking complexion, one particularly suffering from sleep deprivation. 




Jacinthe Naturals is a Mediterranean skincare brand that uses the finest natural and organic ingredients from the region.  We are proud of our formulas that include a long list of active ingredients that particularly target dull, tired, and over 40s skin. We believe that the potency of each product lies in its meticulously tested formula that we have been giving our full attention to. The potency of our formulas is lab tested, where different methods of extracting our botanicals have been tested and fine tuned to capture the highest percentage of minerals we can extract. Transparency forms the foundation of our company’s ethos and we would be happy to share lab results and counts if you ask for them. 


Our products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe and effective for all skin types. We believe that our products reflect the beauty and vitality of the Mediterranean islands.

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