How Jacinthe & Demeter From Greek Mythology Came To Life

How Jacinthe & Demeter From Greek Mythology Came To Life

As you might know HYACINTHUS, in Greek mythology was a young man whose great beauty attracted both god Apollo, the god of light and sun, and god Zephyr, the god of the west wind, who both competed for Hyacinthos’ attention. One day as the three of them were playing, Apollo was teaching Hyacinthos how to throw a discus and Zephyr jealously, blew the discus back, hitting Hyacinthos with a strike on his head. Hyacinthos died and from the blood spilt on earth, a beautiful and very fragrant flower grew (the flower you see here) that Apollo named after him, hyacinth. The female name for Hyacinthos is Jacinthe [pronounced zha-sant] and symbolises Beauty and Purity.

Goddess DEMETER (Ceres), is the Goddess of Earth and specifically the goddess of Harvest, grain and agriculture and is responsible for the fertility of the Earth, its vegetation and abundance of food for the mortals. For this reason you will often see her depicted holding a sheaf of ripe wheat in her hand (hence the wheat on our Demeter’s range). My love for mythology brought these two together:

Jacinthe as a botanical skincare line, focuses on purity, constant effort towards being kind to nature and using the regenerative power of the earth to heal via natural cosmeceuticals where only natural bioactive ingredients that have been tested for decades, many go back to antiquity, interact on the skin and offer potential benefits.

Jacinthe who represents beauty, constancy, faithfulness and serenity. Demeter, who symbolises earth power over all living beings and offers real skinfood to mortals.


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