Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire our consumers to want to be better informed about what goes on your skin, which is a fundamental aspect of our philosophy as an artisan skincare brand. Hence, on the basis of knowing exactly what goes on your skin, our number 1 concern is the quality and purity of each ingredient we use. Each ingredient is carefully studied and meticulously used to check its efficacy and how it interacts with other ingredients in each formula. Using the finest of ingredients there are in the market to ensure purity, freshness and maximum effectiveness, despite their high price, is of utmost importance to us.


In addition, our goal is to encourage more people to seek the luxury of natural cosmetics in their daily routines and appreciate how much Mother Earth has provided for us all. The switch to going natural, will be a step forward in inspiring people to be more careful of what they also eat, wear and what lifestyles they lead so they can live healthier lives and respect the Earth and the animals.


Last but not least, we should emphasize that we cooperate only with small suppliers who can guarantee the top quality we seek in our ingredients in every single batch. We have carefully selected suppliers that act as co-operatives involved in local projects where we source our ingredients from and help locals extract the ingredients by investing into their communities. This applies specifically to our suppliers from Africa and Brazil.

All our Certified Organic ingredients meet the standards of and certified by ECOCERT, COSMOS and NATRUE.

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